All former customers of OneSelect have now been transferred to Together Energy, and should have received their final energy bill.
Together Energy is contacting customers regarding any outstanding bills and has appointed Opos Ltd, a debt collection agency, to assist with this process.
Please see a list of Frequently Asked Questiones for former customers of OneSelect below. If these do not answer your query, customers should contact Together Energy on 0333 150 1699, or via email, Further contact details can be found on their website.

Please be advised that the Joint Administrators of OneSelect will not be able to assist former customers with queries relating to their bills.

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BDO LLP business restructuring partners, Danny Dartnaill and Antony Nygate, were appointed Joint  Administrators of OneSelect Limited on 17 December 2018. 

Prior to the Administration, Ofgem appointed Together Energy Limited as the Supplier of Last Resort to service the 33,000 customers of OneSelect Limited with effect from midnight on 14 December 2018. 

In addition to servicing the customers or OneSelect, Together Energy Limited were also appointed as agents to collect the debts due from customers of OneSelect on behalf of the Joint Administrators. Customers may have queries in relation to their final account balance with OneSelect or the collection process during the Administration. We have therefore prepared the following FAQs to assist you in directing customer queries to the relevant party.  

  1. Why were Together Energy Limited appointed to take over my account?- Together Energy Limited demonstrated to Ofgem their ability and commitment to making the process as seamless as possible. Ofgem assessed their offering to previous OneSelect customers as competitive and best placed to suit your needs at this time. If you have any queries regarding the appointment of Together Energy Limited please contact them:
  2. When will I receive my final bill for energy supplied by OneSelect?- Together Energy Limited has started the process of sending out final bills covering your time with OneSelect. You should have received your final bill for your energy supplied by OneSelect. If you have not received it please contact Together Energy Limited.
  3. How will I receive my final bill for energy supplied by OneSelect? - Your bill will be delivered to you electronically. Please watch out for an email with the link to your final OneSelect bill. If you have not received it please contact Together Energy Limited. Where Together Energy do not have details, customers will be contacted separately or if you have not heard, please contact them.
  4. Will I lose any credit that I had with OneSelect?- No, if you had any credit with OneSelect it is protected and will be honoured by Together Energy Limited. Your closing balance with OneSelect will show on your final bill which Together Energy Limited has been processed. If you have any queries regarding your credit balance please contact Together Energy Limited:
  5. What will happen to my credit balance? - Together Energy Limited is working hard to determine each final bill with accuracy. Your final bill will be sent to you as soon as it has been calculated. Your bill will show whether you are in credit or debit from your time at OneSelect. Together Energy Limited will also explain what will happen next and if you need to do anything to bring your account in order. If you have any queries regarding your account balance please contact Together Energy Limited:
  6. I left OneSelect but I’m still waiting to reclaim my credit from them. Will Together Energy Limited pay me for this?- Yes, Together Energy Limited honour all credit balances for those customers who had already left OneSelect but still have credits owed. Together Energy Limited will be in touch with you shortly to update you on the process and timing for any refund. If you have any queries regarding your credit balance please contact Together Energy Limited:
  7. I have outstanding payments with OneSelect, what happens to that debt?- All outstanding amounts due to OneSelect remain payable. Together Energy Limited is working hard to determine your final account balance to enable you to make payment. Together Energy Limited has been appointed as agent to collect the debts due to OneSelect on behalf of the Joint Administrators. Once these balances are finalised you will be contacted by Together Energy Limited. If you have any queries regarding your account balance please contact Together Energy Limited:
  8. I have been contacted by Opos Limited in relation to my OneSelect debt, who are they? - Opos Limited has been engaged by Together Energy Limited to assist with the collection of debts due to OneSelect on behalf of the Joint Administrators. Opos Limited are a genuine debt collection agency and are instructed to collect monies due from OneSelect customers. If you have any queries regarding the actions taken by Opos Limited please contact Together Energy Limited: 
  9. I have been contacted by Opos Limited but I dispute my account balance, who should I speak to?- If you have been contacted by Opos Limited and dispute your account balance please raise a dispute direct with Opos Limited who will cease contacting you until your account query has been resolved. Opos Limited will escalate your dispute with Together Energy Limited in order for it to be resolved. Opos Limited can be contacted on: 0141 428 3990  
  10. Where can I find further details regarding my previous account with OneSelect? - Further information can be found on the Together Energy Limited website. There are specific links on the homepage for former OneSelect customers including FAQs, Customer Statement and Latest Update:
  11. How can I contact Together Energy? - Together Energy Limited are asking you to bear with them while they undertake the process of taking on the OneSelect customers. Together Energy Limited has a dedicated customer services team on hand to help OneSelect customers. If you would like more information take a look at Ofgem’s Safety Net FAQs. Please refer to the Together Energy Limited website for regular updates –

1     Information about us

This policy sets out the basis on which we, Danny Dartnaill and Antony Nygate, process any personal data in our capacity as joint administrators for OneSelect Limited (“OneSelect”) as agents for OneSelect and without personal liability.
If you were a customer of OneSelect, please read this privacy policy for information about how we, as administrators of OneSelect, will be using your personal information.

2     What information do we collect?
The personal data we may process as joint administrators will be basic details about OneSelect customers so that we can carry out our functions.
The type of personal data we may hold is likely to be:
·     Name
·     Date of Birth
·     Address
·     Email Address
·     Phone Number
·     Employment Details
·     Financial Information
This information will be held as part of the records of OneSelect so we can carry out our statutory and regulatory requirements.

    How do we collect information?
We collected this information directly from OneSelect when it appointed us. They will have usually collected this from you either by directly requesting it from you or where you have provided them with the information. If you would like to know more about how that entity initially collected your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy they provided you with.

4     Why do we collect this information?
Our lawful basis for processing your information will fall into one or more of the following categories:
·     compliance with a legal obligation under insolvency or other legislation;
·     the processing is necessary to perform a task in the public interest or our official function, and that task or function has a clear basis in law; and
·     the processing is necessary for our legitimate interests, for example, the compliance with our regulatory obligations or for defending or bringing a legal claim.

5     How do we use this information?
We process personal information to enable us to carry out our work as joint administrators which includes processing data that was held by companies or individuals before our appointment, together with data collected during an insolvency procedure.

6     Do we share your information with anyone else?
We may share personal data with third parties where we are under a legal or regulatory duty to do so, or it is necessary for the purposes of undertaking our work as joint administrators. We may also share personal data to the police or other law enforcement agencies with the prevention and detection of crime or otherwise as permitted by the law.
Examples of third parties with whom we may share personal data are:
·     government organisations such as the Insolvency Service, the Redundancy Payments Service, Ofgem and HMRC;
·     solicitors;
·     accountants;
·     external service suppliers including Gentrack;
·     Together Energy Limited, as the new service supplier to customers of OneSelect; and
·     any organisation to which we are legally obliged to share personal data with.
We do not transfer your personal data outside the EEA.

7     How long do we keep your information for?
Insolvency practitioners are required to maintain records relating to insolvency appointments for a minimum period as specified in the Insolvency Practitioner Regulations 2005. This specifies that certain records must be maintained until the later of:
(a)     the sixth anniversary of the date of the grant to the insolvency practitioner of his release or discharge in that case; or
(b) the sixth anniversary of the date on which any security or caution maintained in that case expires or otherwise ceases to have effect.
We may retain other types of records for a longer period to comply with other legal or regulatory requirements, but in any event, we will not keep your information for longer than is necessary to achieve these purposes.

8     How do we protect personal information?
We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the information disclosed to us is kept secure, accurate and up to date and kept only for so long as is necessary for the purposes for which it is used.

9     Your Rights
You have a right to ask us to confirm whether we are processing information about you, and to request access to this information (‘right of access’).
You may ask us, or we may ask you, to rectify information you or we think is inaccurate, and you may also ask us to remove information which is inaccurate or complete information which is incomplete (‘right to rectification’).
You have a right to obtain your personal data from us and reuse it for your own purposes, perhaps for another service, without hindering the usability of the data (‘right of portability’).
You have a right to seek the erasure of your data (often referred to as the ‘right to be forgotten’). You may wish to exercise this right for any reason, for example where it is no longer necessary for us to continue holding or processing your personal data. This right is not absolute, as we may need to continue processing this information, for example, to comply with our legal obligations, or for reasons of public interest.
You have a right to ask us to restrict our processing of your information (‘right to restriction’) if:
·     you contest its accuracy and we need to verify whether it is accurate
·     the processing is unlawful and you ask us to restrict use of it instead of erasing it
·     we no longer need the information for the purpose of processing, but you need it to establish or defend legal claims
·     you have objected to processing of your information being necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest, or for the purposes of our legitimate interests. The restriction would apply while we carry out a balancing act between your rights and our legitimate interests.
If you exercise your right to restrict processing, we would still need to process your information for the purpose of exercising or defending legal claims or for public interest reasons.
If you would like to exercise any of your rights above, please let us know using the contact details at the end of this policy. We will act in accordance with your instructions as soon as reasonably possible and there will be no charge.
You have a right to report any of your concerns about our use of your data to the Information Commissioner’s Office. You may do so by calling their helpline at 0303 123 1113.

10 Changes to this policy
Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.
This Privacy Policy was last amended in April 2019.